Hi, I’m Xyndarella! I do have the formal title of Lady Matilda of Chaol Ghleann (thanks to owning a foot of land in Scotland!) but most folks just call me Tilly.

I’m a 30-something Australian pluviophile with a wide variety of interests. Despite coming from a family of musicians, I am not musically inclined. I like arts, crafts and pretty, matching stationery. I enjoy photography, writing, graphic art, gaming, reading, and jewellery making. I’m an avid reader of mostly fantasy and science fiction genres but I’ll read anything that holds my interest.

Born right on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, I have a Virgo moon and ascendant. Under Chinese astrology, I am a Water Pig, my Celtic zodiac tree sign is the Hawthorn and my Druid zodiac sign is the Chestnut. I type as 4w5 INFJ. I feel I am pretty well represented by these.