This June 1-25 I will be taking part in The Push-Up Challenge, having been volunteered by a colleague at work and deciding that I will give the challenge a real go even though I am not the fittest person! Over 25 days, I will be aiming to complete as many of the 3,318 push-ups as possible. This number represents how many people lost their lives to suicide in 2019.

Mental health is something that I experienced strongly as a teenager and my office admin team will be supporting headspace Darwin NT with the hopes that more people are able to receive the support that they need. It’s a no cost and confidential service that can help eligible young people aged 12 to 25 with their mental health and wellbeing, in addition to working with local schools to ensure that tools and reading materials are available to both students and parents.

Having experienced my own issues, being aware of the mental health issues that close friends have experienced, and knowing that there are many people dealing with their own mental health of varying degrees every single day, having such support available can make a difference to those with debilitating or even life-threatening situations.

Please support me in raising awareness for this cause and help Australia #pushforbetter mental health.

I sincerely appreciate any support and generosity that I may receive.