Three best friends change, grow and become the least expected versions of themselves that they ever imagined.

I was so excited to hear that Where Rivers Join had finally been published and as the author’s first published novel, it’s a wonderful introduction to a style of writing that invites you to meet characters, fall in love with them and experience their story right along with them.

Where Rivers Join introduces you to three women who, despite being drastically different in their own ways, are the closest of friends. I found myself immediately drawn into their lives through a profound sense of storytelling and rich detail. I felt as though I was an acquaintance along for the ride and privy to those experiences which are only shared among the closest of friends.

The author has a real gift for writing and expression which is very evident throughout the story. The plot flows along at a perfect pace, allowing you to enjoy the story without feeling rushed along or feeling that drag of boredom. While almost certainly classed as “chick lit”, I feel that this story would appeal to a wide audience. It’s an all round genre that is, in my opinion, primarily fiction with some romance thrown in. It mirrors life in that regard.

I really enjoyed reading Where Rivers Join and it’s the type of book I know I am going to read again. For a first novel, it paves the way toward characters and environments that I would love to see again in a sequel. I loved the writing style of the author and I’m very much looking forward to reading her future works of art.