No one knows ‘happy endings’ like romance novelist Darrell Kincaid. She’s delivered eight of them to her readers with pleasure. But it’s not to be with book number nine. In the act of adding the final full stop, Darrell has a revelation: it’s not the ending that really matters but what comes next. Darrell now sees that when her husband Tom died (twenty-one months and three days ago, but who’s counting?) she lost more than the man she loved. She lost her own ‘happy ever after’. The life she expected to live has gone, vanished forever in a puff of fickle, unfair smoke. Darrell knows she has a choice. She can stay in New Zealand and live a half-life, or she can leave in search of something – perhaps someone – else. So Darrell decides upon London, the least romantic capital she knows (why set yourself up for disappointment?). Armed with Nancy Mitford’s Love In A Cold Climate as her guide to proper Englishness and the ideal romantic hero, she sets out to live the sweet second life she deserves.

This was a sweet find for me on iBooks and I am so glad that I came across it because it’s one of those few books that I just want to devour in a single sitting because it’s just so damn good.

Darrell Kincaid is a sweet Kiwi lady that has the perfect life. A husband that she loves even when she wants to throttle him, the dream job as a successful writer aspiring for a bestselling novel, and the perfect home in the perfect location. I admit that I felt a lot of envy for Darrell until she loses everything and then I only felt bittersweet sorrow.

How brave would someone have to be to make one of those sea changing decisions? Could you really just pack everything up and move half way across the world to start an entirely new life? It sounds somewhere in between exciting and terrifying, and I’m unsure if I would ever be able to do something like that myself. Those emotions rode me very hard as I accompanied Darrell along to her new life and I marvel at Catherine Robertson’s ability to draw me so deeply into the story. When Darrell hits that rock bottom moment in her life, that moment that seems to really change everything, I was so overwhelmed on her behalf that I went through half a box of tissues.

The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid is a gourmet dessert that not only looks delicious, but leaves you sated in the best possible way.